Ultimate Habit Tracking Planner for 2023

Cristian Filimon
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The ultimate habit tracking tool you need to stay consistent, track, and increase your productivity - all in one Google Sheet file.

Introducing the ultimate habit-tracking tool for boosting your productivity! With over 30 helpful features, this Google Sheet template makes it easy to track your daily habit progress and see your progress over time.

Advanced stats for each habit, category, and month help you identify which habits are most difficult for you and track your progress. The fully dedicated setup page includes step-by-step instructions for customizing your own tracker. With this tool, you can create new habits, track your progress day by day, and stay consistent in your efforts to increase productivity. Start building healthy habits and reaching your goals with the ultimate habit-tracking tool!

This spreadsheet includes:

  • 10 personal habits;
  • 10 professional habits;
  • 10 weekly habits;
  • 12 months of tracking habits

And many features for each month:

  • You can choose from two different types of habits: "build habits" or "break habits".
  • The Personal habits category allows you to track your daily habits, every day.
  • The Professional habits category allows you to track your professional habits.
  • The Weekly habits category allows you to track your weekly habits, with dedicated stats for each one.
  • You can define how many times you want to repeat a weekly habit.
  • You can start a habit in the middle of the month without affecting monthly stats.
  • You can skip professional habits during a day off or weekends without affecting stats.
  • You can view Daily Stats for Personal and Professional habits.
  • You can view Weekly Stats to track your progress over the weeks.
  • Overall Stats to track your monthly progress
  • Easy access to data behind the stats, to easily identify the uncompleted days 🔢
  • Monthly stats for each habit, measured individually
  • Stats for weekly habits weighted with number of times per week
  • Dedicated stats for each category: Personal, Professional and Weekly 📈
  • Complete the previous streak from last years 📅
  • Automatically track current streak to keep you motivated 💪
  • Longest streak to have a benchmark about each habit 📊
  • Do you have habits affected by the moon phases? We even have this feature!

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Ultimate Habit Tracking Planner for 2023

2 ratings
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